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Darksiders Genesis guide: Inferno Vault walkthrough

Find every item, finish every quest in the Furnace

Darksiders Genesis Inferno Vault Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon
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Inferno Vault is the third mission you’ll face in Darksiders Genesis. You’ll need to find and deliver some items for an optional side mission. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get everything the Inferno Vault, including the missing ingots.

Inferno Vault complete map and item locations

You can collect every Inferno Vault item on your first visit.

You’ll find the Inferno Vault Treasure Map when you reach the Furnace. Turn to your right, and you’ll see it sitting against some rubble.

There are three Boatman’s Coins in the Frozen Steps area that float high above you. There’s no trick to them. You just have to continue a past them and up the eponymous steps. You’ll find a ledge directly above the coins near a small chest. Drop down and glide to collect all three. (It might take a few tries to get the angle right.)

The Trickster Door is back toward the Furnace at the far north of the map, and you’ll need one Trickster Key to enter. You can pick up two Boatman’s Coins and a Healthstone inside. You also need to open the Trickster Door to complete one of the Inferno Vault’s bonus objectives — collecting the four ingots (see the section on that below).

Destroy 25 barrels or buckets in the Inferno Vault

There are plenty of barrels and buckets in the Inferno Vault, so this optional side mission is easy to manage. Destroy as many of them as you can find. Your progress on this side mission doesn’t reset, so you can come back to complete it on another visit without losing progress.

Reward: 600 Souls

Collect all the ingots and take them to the forge

The ingots in the Inferno Vault are all easy to find. You’re looking for big, golden bricks in a pile. You need to collect four in the level — three on F1, and one in B1. Then, you need to take them to the forge in the Hell’s Forge area behind the Trickster Door.

Here’s where to find all of the Inferno Vault ingots:

  1. The first ingot is at the very beginning of the level. Follow the pathway down — don’t drop off the ledge — and you’ll run into the ingot sitting on the side of the road.
  2. When you reach Frozen Steps, drop down to the area below you to the south. Platform to the second square column, and you’ll find the ingot.
  3. Later in Frozen Steps, instead of taking the air current up, head left and follow the path north. You’ll find another ingot sitting in the corner.
  4. The last ingot is in the Kiln (this area’s dungeon). Follow the path into the dungeon, and look for some toppled chimneys before you head into the Foundry. There’s also Trickster Key and a Boatman Coin. The ingot is on a small square platform near some lava.

When you have all four ingots, leave the dungeon and go back up to the the Furnace. Make your way to the Trickster Door in Hell’s Forge.

Go inside, and walk up to the forge. Place the ingots inside to complete the quest and pick up some Creature Cores.

Navigate the Inferno Vault without dying

Navigate the Inferno Vault without dying Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon

When you reach the Foundry, get ready to run. Platform your way up to the two switches on the left side of the arena. Pull them both, and jump up to the walkway.

To complete the challenge, you just need to get through this section of the level without falling. Follow the path — you’re basically running in a big square — and use a combination of column leaping, Ghost Hook, and gliding to reach the end.

Reward: Creature Cores

Legion Boltspitter boss fight

Darksiders Genesis Legion Boltspitter boss fight  Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon

The Legion Boltspitter is a big demon with a machine gun. If you get caught in the Boltspitter’s line of fire, it’ll deal a ton of damage very quickly. Hide behind the bells when it fires to avoid a quick death.

As Strife, keep close to the bells for cover, and make sure you use your special ammo.

As War, this is a more difficult fight. When the Boltspitter stops to reload, get close and attack. When it grips the gun like it’s ready to start firing again, run behind the barriers and wait.

When you have Wrath saved up, this is a great fight to use War’s Blade Geysers to deal a bunch of damage and Strife’s clones to distract the boss.

As usual, the boss also spawns minions throughout the fight. Defeat them from the safety of the bells using Strife’s guns and War’s sword when they get close.

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