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Watch the new Grudge trailer for 27 seconds of John Cho in the shower

There’s also some horror movie stuff

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

There is a new Grudge movie that’s kind of a sequel, kind of a spin-off, and kind of a remake, of the original 2004 movie (which was a remake of 2002’s Ju-On). More importantly, John Cho is in the 2020 version.

The latest trailer for the gritty R-rated horror movie features a full 27 seconds of John Cho in the shower. There’s also, like, two minutes of other stuff, including an old lady covered in blood, a rotting corpse, and a few creepy ghosts. Let’s bypass all that horror movie stuff (and hey, those are spoilers anyway) and focus on this key scene of John Cho in the shower.

John Cho in the shower starts at 2:19. To be very specific, we don’t really see much of John Cho in the shower at this point, just the outline of his body and his strong arm gripping the rod (the shower rod, duh). At 2:25, viewers are invited in the shower for a better look at John Cho’s back and shoulders. He hears some creepy noises and rightfully decides to investigate, ripping the shower curtain open around 2:28. Now there is a wet, naked John Cho standing at the edge of the shower, looking around for a full 12 seconds. He returns to the waters at roughly 2:41, back to enjoying his shower, though he’s on edge because something creepy is going on.

If you want to solely enjoy John Cho in the shower without any creepy moments, stop the trailer right at 2:46. A second further and you’ll see a rotting hand emerge from the back of his head.

To fully enjoy the John Cho in the shower experience, try watching from 2:19 to 2:46 on mute and play a bouncy pop song in the background. Is John Cho sticking his head out because his pizza delivery is here? Are you, his romantic partner, coming in to surprise him? The virtual possibilities are endless!

The Grudge comes out Jan. 3, 2020. No word yet on how much more of John Cho in the shower will be in the full movie.

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