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Golf Story sequel Sports Story coming to Switch

Adding baseball and tennis to the golf, among others

2017’s surprise hit, Golf Story, is getting a sequel. Developed by the same team at Sidebar Games, Sports Story will continue to mash up sports with RPGs, but this time it won’t be locked to a single sport.

Sports Story, revealed today during Nintendo’s Indie World stream, will feature the same light-hearted tone and goofiness that made the original game so charming. But, as alluded in the title, it won’t be limited to golf this time. Baseball and tennis will both be major components of Sports Story, each with dramatically different gameplay mechanics because, well, they’re different sports.

It’s clear that the developers are following in the footsteps of classic Nintendo sports franchises like Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, and even the lesser-known Mario baseball games. The expansion beyond just golf should offer some nice variety to the original formula when the game releases sometime in the middle of 2020. Like Golf Story, Sports Story will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

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