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SuperMash is a video game that makes video games

You mash genres together — get it?

Digital Continue

Nintendo held a 20-minute Indie World showcase today, where the Japanese publisher revealed SuperMash, a new game by studio Digital Continue. As the name implies, SuperMash will allow the player to blend together different types of games in a way that makes every play through unique.

The premise has two siblings who run a shop discovering a game console with special powers. Sheenanigans ensue. Some of the genres you’ll be able to mash together include stealth games, platformers, and RPGs, among others — though the process only allows for two genres at a time. The results look wild based on the trailer showcased today. It’s almost as if you’re creating entirely new types of video games, depending on what you throw together. SuperMash is slated to release for the Nintendo Switch in May 2020. Players will be able to share their levels with one another, provided they’re got a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Digital Continue, the developer, has also worked on titles such as Next Up Hero and Lock’s Quest.

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