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Watch Ninja commit food crimes in his Bon Appétit appearance

That’s not how you do it

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins might be known as a top Mixer streamer, but the neon-haired Fortnite star also considers himself somewhat of a cook. Blevins worked for three years at Noodles & Company, where he prepped meals. This is the type of experience that you’d think would give him the necessary tools to nail something like a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

And yet.

Blevins recently made an appearance in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen in an episode of Back-to-Back Chef with Carla Lalli Music. The shtick: Can Blevins cook what Music makes while only following her verbal instructions?

Technically, yes — by the end of the video, Blevins has himself an edible, and likely tasty egg-in-a-hole bacon and cheese sandwich. But the path there is paved with some baffling yet amusing missteps.

The first eyebrow-raiser happens when Music tells Blevins to cut off two slices of bread for the sandwich. For whatever reason, Blevins decides to cut the top of the loaf off, rather than the sides. But this isn’t nearly as bad as the moment when Blevins is tasked with cutting an avocado, which he says he’s never done by himself. Music explicitly tells Blevins that he doesn’t want to cut through the pit ... but that’s exactly what he does.

an overhead shot of a cutting board with an avocado that has been sliced through the pit multiple times Bon Appétit/YouTube

Actually, Blevins doesn’t cut through the avocado pit once, but rather multiple times. “I would serve these avocado slices in a salad,” he says after he extracts the mutilated pits.

Of course, Blevins knows that he’s a little out of his comfort zone here — he jokes about it, and tries to make the best of it.

“Your sandwich is gonna look better than mine,” he announces midway through the video. Music, ever the optimist, chimes back, “You don’t know that yet.”

Blevins was right. But then again, he also says that he never eats breakfast, so perhaps the results shouldn’t be surprising.

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