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Plan GTA Online’s casino heist in an arcade stocked with Degenatron games

Save the green dots with your fantastic flying red square!

Grand Theft Auto Online’s new Diamond Casino Heist is available starting today, and Rockstar Games has shared more about the activities players may pursue in the big run-up to robbing the Diamond blind. Foremost among them (in my view, anyway) the return of classic Degenatron gaming!

Three Degenatron cabinets are among the parodies and diversions available to the new Pixel Pete’s Arcade property that players can buy out, recondition, and open up. The arcade is a front operation for planning the heist and getting the crew together. But, of course, it needs to look like an arcade.

The games, whose marketing copy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City fans can probably recite from memory, are Defender of the Faith, Monkey’s Paradise, and Penetrator. They’re joined by 10 other amusement machines, including The Wizard’s Ruin (a side-scroller), Race and Chase: Street Legal (Out Run?), and Crotch Rockets (Hang-On?); the sadistic Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw machine; plus fortune-telling, strength-test, and love-meter novelties that should deliver fully accurate results.

Underneath, the basement hideout is where players will work at three planning boards, and practice cracking vaults and hacking doors. The planning boards are where players will record the intel they gather from all of their prep missions.

As for the heist itself, players will be able to take one of three tactical approaches to looting the Diamond — stealth, guns blazing, and a middle ground using disguise.

Eleven new vehicles are joining GTA Online with today’s update, five of them to help with heist activities. Side activities include destroying signal jamming towers and finding and eliminating the Los Santos Slasher (with an antique weapon as a reward).

Rockstar Newswire has much more (including detailed descriptions of the arcade games). The Diamond Casino Heist is available in Grand Theft Auto Online on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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