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Destiny 2’s winter holiday stand-in, The Dawning, brings cookies to the Tower

Craft treats and earn a new gun

Destiny 2’s Dawning event — the franchise’s version of the winter holidays — starts on Dec. 17, and Bungie has released a new post and trailer teasing how it works.

Like last year, Guardians can meet up with Eva Levante and bake cookies for the heroes of the solar system. In 2018, players received an oven from Eva and were able to upgrade it during the holiday to earn more rewards and give more gifts. Players combined different ingredients to make treats tailored to their favorite character’s tastes.

While playing the event this year, players can earn a new winter-themed ship and Sparrow from Eva. Players who missed last year’s Dawning also get a chance to earn some of 2018’s rewards as well. New to 2019 is the Cold Front submachine gun — although it’s not clear how players can pick one up for themselves.

As always, the Eververse store will come stocked with some new holiday-themed items. Players can buy new emotes, ghost shells, and armor ornaments from Tess with Silver and Bright Dust.

There’s no mention of a unique activity for the Dawning, which may not exist this year thanks to Season of Dawn’s recent launch. The Dawning is free for all Destiny 2 players, regardless of if they’ve bought the most recent season or Shadowkeep expansion.

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