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The Witcher’s final trailer focuses on Ciri

Don’t worry, Geralt’s still around

The final trailer for Netflix’s The Witcher sets the spotlight on Ciri, one of the series’ most important characters. The trailer also heavily features a massive battle between two armies that’s easily the biggest conflict scene Netflix has shown from the series so far.

The trailer opens by showing off the kingdom of Cintra, Ciri’s home, just as it’s about to be attacked by the kingdom of Nilfgaard. The trailer doesn’t reveal the reasons behind the conflict, but it does let us know that Ciri is at the heart of it, and that she’ll need the help of our dear Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, if she’s to survive. Just before what looks like a massive battle with thousands of soldiers on either side, Ciri escapes the castle in search of Geralt.

When Polygon went to the set of The Witcher, showrunner Lauren Hissrich was upfront that the series will take more from the books than CD Projekt Red’s video games. This trailer gives us our clearest hint yet at which story the series — which Hissrich says she planned out for at least seven seasons — might follow. While the first two Witcher books are full of short stories about Geralt’s monster hunting exploits, the rest of the series is more linear and includes Ciri. Based on the trailer itself, it seems like the Netflix series is likely to pull from the third book, Blood of the Elves, at least for the Ciri scenes that have been shown so far.

The Witcher will debut on Netflix on Dec. 20.

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