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PewDiePie says his new poop game got rejected by Apple for being disgusting

Well, shit

Characters from Poopdie coalesce. Bulbware

YouTube star Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg has a free new game out today, but you can only play it on Android as of this writing. Apparently, the poop-oriented title was too much for Apple, which Kjellberg says rejected his venture onto the App Store.

Poopdie is a low-key gross-out game that seems to take some cues from The Binding of Isaac. In it, you play as a worm that poops out minions that can then do your bidding. Kjellberg himself has some voice acting work in it. As the name suggests, Poopdie goes all in on its fecal focus, including things like “poopgrades” and “fartspells.” The Swedish entertainer uploaded some footage of the game today, where he jokingly tells viewers that Apple thought the game was too “stinky” to appear on the App Store — but that he is working to fix that.

Bulbware, the developer behind Poopdie, says the game was rejected because it has “crude imagery and sound effect which may disgust users,” which in turn means that the game doesn’t fit Apple’s guidelines for the store. The Krakow-based studio says it is currently trying to appeal the decision in the hopes of achieving a better settlement. Apple did not respond in time for publication.

“C’mon Apple!” the Bulbware blog post says. “We have received hundreds of iOS users’ requests who are eager to start pooping!”

The outcome here may not be surprising. Previously, Apple rejected The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth because of its depiction of violence, and it also has a history of dismissing games that take on serious subjects, such as politics.

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