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Seth is coming to Street Fighter 5 in a new female form

Seth returns with some long, silky hair

Street Fighter 5’s version of Seth gives the silvery clone a female form Image: Capcom

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition’s latest add-on to its character roster is Seth, the silvery boss from Street Fighter 4, but in a new form.

After being defeated in Street Fighter 4, Seth’s intelligence lived, moving on to a new vessel, thus becoming female. Seth will still be a copycat fighter, mimicking the moves of other characters in the game, and they still have the their source of power in their belly.

Seth’s new body resembles a taller version of Juri Han, another character who debuted in Street Fighter 4. They both use the power of the Tanden Engine in order to fight, with Seth using it to mimic his opponents. Juri’s version of the Tanden Engine is a smaller version, called the Feng Shui Engine and is a replacement for her left eye.

Seth is the 40th character on the roster, joining Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition when it drops on Feb. 14, 2020 for $29.99. Street Fighter 5 players who want to upgrade to the Champion Edition can do so for $24.99.

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