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Final Fantasy 14 dev explains why it ‘nerfed’ 2B’s butt outfit

Your not-flat butt will return

A Viera stands wearing 2B’s dress
This is not a photo of my character’s butt because Polygon is a SFW website.
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

With the release of the Nier: Automata-themed alliance raids for Final Fantasy 14 came the inclusion of 2B’s outfit to the game.

When players equipped the bottom part of the 2B gearset, it put the character in underwear and thigh-high socks. More importantly, doing this increased your character’s butt size. However, when the last patch dropped several weeks ago, players noticed that the 2B butt had flattened to the default size.

In the latest Final Fantasy 14 livestream with the developers, producer Naoki Yoshida noted that he is aware of the problem. He stated that he recognized that Reddit had been referring to this as a “bottom nerf,” according to a fan translating the livestream. Polygon has reached out to Square Enix regarding the accuracy of the translation.

Yoshida noted that this “nerf” is temporary. The bigger butt deployed without the right parameters set, so it wasn’t hidden when players sat down, which caused issues. Yoshida acknowledged that players want butt sliders added to the character customization in the game and considered this equip as a way of delivering that. He said that development team is working on a fix, and players will have their large 2B butts returned to them in patch 5.18, which is coming on Dec. 24.

Naoki Yoshida moves his arms, exhausted, in an attempt to explain how the model shape of the 2B bottom works Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Watching Yoshida explain the problem in a professional way is incredible — see above. Unfortunately, he eventually had to move on to other details on upcoming patches. The Final Fantasy 14 developers went on to talk about patch 5.2 and the new content that will be added with it, including new dungeons, trials, and changes to the crafting system, all coming in February.

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