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You can buy Dark Side Rey’s switchblade lightsaber for a whopping $1,599.99

For when you absolutely, positively need the weirdest lightsaber possible

Rise of Skywalker hinged lightsaber Lucasfilm
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At D23, Disney unveiled a special look for Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker. The trailer features looks at the original Star Wars trilogy, the prequels, and the sequels. But perhaps most notably, it gave us a look at Rey holding a new, red lightsaber instead of her traditional blue one. Well, thanks to EFX Collectibles — distributed by Chronicle Collectibles — you can buy a replica of Rey’s Dark Side saber, and it’ll only set you back $1,599.99. Only.

In the trailer, Rey’s red saber isn’t the single blade lightsaber most popular among Sith and Jedi. Instead, the saber has two sides. But unlike Darth Maul and other double-sided lightsaber enthusiasts’ sabers, Rey’s comes with a bizarre hinge that lets it transform between double-sided and two single-blade sabers next to each other.

The EFX Collectibles’ version of the hinged saber is a replica of Dark Side Rey’s from the trailer — complete with a plaque that says Dark Side Rey Lightsaber. EFX made the replica out of solid aluminum and all metal pieces. The creators were able to study the film’s actual prop — provided by Lucasfilm — to create an accurate saber, down to the weathering. EFX also boasts that the hinge connecting the two sabers is the same piece used in the real prop.

Dark Side Rey lightsaber Chronicle Collectibles/Lucasfilm

While this is the first time a hinged — or switchblade — lightsaber appears in a live action Star Wars film, the blade isn’t entirely unique to Rey. In Clone Wars, Jedi General Pong Krell uses a hinged lightsaber in battle. In Rebels, Jedi Temple Guards also use these hinged sabers to defend the temple.

The EFX saber — which doesn’t appear to come with a blade — won’t ship until early next year. Chronicle will also only distribute 750 of these lightsabers, making it a rare collector’s piece. You can purchase your own Dark Side Rey Lightsaber on Chronicle Collectibles’ website for $1,599.99.

Update: A previous version of this story referred to Chronicle Collectibles as both the creator and distributor of the lightsaber. EFX Collectibles is responsible for the saber’s creation, while Chronicle Collectibles is the distributor. We’ve updated the story and mentioned EFX as the creators.

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