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Become muscle Santa in Grindstone

Ho-ho-hope you’re ready to beat up some slobs

Muscle Santa in Grindstone Image: Capy Games via Polygon
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

To say I like Grindstone would be an understatement — it’s the standout game for me so far on Apple Arcade, and has been since it was released in September. Most of Grindstone’s updates so far have been bug fixes and minor tweaks, but for the holidays, developer Capy Games released the first content update for Grindstone.

The best part? Jorj is now muscle Santa. The “stocking stuffer” update was released on Apple Arcade on Thursday and added a new festive holiday outfit for Jorj: the Santa outfit, which gives players a chance to spawn presents that award resources after attacking. Likewise, the update added the ability to turn off the extra beat-’em-up animations at the end of the level. A Christmas miracle for Grindstone’s slobs — the bad guys — indeed: “There’s a more merciful, cute way of getting your crown from the slob,” Grindstone developer Dan Vader told Polygon.

To get the Santa outfit, you’ll want to head to the inn screen and visit the tailor, which is where you’ll be able to unlock the outfit for free.

More content updates are down the road — like new levels and challenges for both old and new players. “We’re going to be working to grow the experience as much as we can in the next year,” Vader said.

Grindstone was released on Apple Arcade earlier this year, and is one of Polygon’s top 50 games of 2019.

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