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Destiny 2’s latest character shouts at you for wearing his helmet

The Helm of Saint-14 looks good on you, Guardian

Saint-14 running in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn Image: Bungie

In Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn, players fought to save the legendary Titan, Saint-14, from the clutches of time. Players have successfully finished the mission in the past two weeks, and Saint-14 is back in the Tower where he belongs. But players discovered that something very silly happens if you walk up to Saint-14 wearing a certain piece of gear.

Saint-14 is best known for his helmet, the Exotic Helm of Saint-14, that players started using back in the original Destiny. It’s been a fan favorite helmet even before players knew anything about the man (or EXO, in this case) who once wore it. A few years ago, the Helm of Saint-14 Exotic made it back into Destiny 2. And now in 2019, if you walk up to in the Tower Hangar wearing his helmet, Saint laughs at how similar the two of you look.

If you stand next to Saint-14 wearing the Helm of Saint-14, he’ll laugh at you and say “you look like me, let’s confuse Zavala like this.” Commander Zavala is the captain of the Vanguard — leader of the Tower, and a role that Saint-14 himself originated. The moment is cute, and hard not to smile at for longtime Titan players, especially with Saint’s booming Greek-inspired accent.

But according to the designer that created it, this line wasn’t exactly easy to implement. Technical Dialogue Designer on Destiny 2, Kareem Shuman, posted the story of the line’s creation on Twitter. In the thread (which you can see above), Kareem goes over how close the line came to getting cut, and how a small team of designers took it upon themselves to make it happen.

The line has thrilled longtime Destiny fans since late last week. If you want to hear it for yourself — like we did — all you need to do is log into a Titan, don the Helm of Saint-14 Exotic, head down into the Tower Hangar, and wait until Saint cracks the joke about the helmet. He does have a few different lines while idling, so you may need to wait a moment or two before hearing the joke.

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