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We reveal a Hearthstone card from Descent of Dragons

Swap out those boring cards for class ones

Hearhtstone - Wyrmrest Purifier card art Blizzard Entertainment

Descent of Dragons will conclude a year-long story in Hearthstone, as well as add a host of new cards to the competitive format. The BlizzCon trailer for Descent of Dragons showed us that we’re heading to Northrend, home of Wyrmrest Temple, where dragons congregate among their shrines. We’re revealing the Wyrmrest Purifier, a guardian of the temple with a very interesting battlecry.

In Hearthstone, players can make their decks from a library of cards. Each class has their own unique pool of spells to pull from, and then a neutral set of cards that can be equipped by anyone. Neutral cards tend to be jacks of all trades, while class cards are specialized toward their hero. For instance, mages get lots of spells and secrets to play, while warriors deal with weapons and tanky minions.

The Wyrmrest Purifier is neutral, meaning any class can play her. Once they do, their deck will transform.

The Wyrmrest Purifier looks like a card that allows a class to double down on their strengths. Filling a deck with low cost neutrals could end up paying off big time, since the Purifier changes each neutral card into a random class card — which could include some high cost, powerful cards. The Purifier is also a clever way to get around the limits inherent in building a deck. If you need more class cards than a deck will allow, the Wyrmrest Purifier is a workaround that should allow for fun combos.

Descent of Dragons will be released on Dec. 10.

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