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The Sims 4 players are making shrines for Baby Yoda, and now I want one too

This is the way

A Baby Yoda Shrine Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts via Polygon
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

I spent the past weekend binge-watching Disney Plus’ new series, The Mandalorian, and I’m happy to say that I’m now ready to die for The Child (colloquially and endearingly known as Baby Yoda). I have no more episodes of The Mandalorian to watch and I’ve thoroughly annoyed my parents — I’m visiting for the holidays — with Baby Yoda clips, whispering “Baby Yoda” every time my precious hairless green monster appeared on screen.

I am desperate for more Baby Yoda content; after all, it’s hard enough to wrap my arms around a plush toy. (I’ve already purchased a bootleg Baby Yoda T-shirt I saw on Instagram and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.)

Unfortunately, I can’t have Baby Yoda. But I know someone who can — The Sims 4 version of me. Earlier in December, Electronic Arts added a Baby Yoda statue to The Sims 4. Called “The Child Statue” in-game, it’s a just a thing you can place in the world and have your sims view. It is weirdly lifeless, but it’s all I’ve got.

My shrine to Baby Yoda is humble, like my apartment in The Sims 4. It’s small, set in a dusty nook in the one-bedroom apartment, surrounded by candles. I force sim Nicole to look at it multiple times a day, and it seems to make her happy. (Obviously.) But shortly after logging off and checking into The Sims 4 subreddit, I’ve realized that my shrine to Baby Yoda is lacking. I’m not the only one worshipping Baby Yoda in The Sims 4, and my altar is pathetic in comparison.

A place for Baby Yodas to learn and play!

A shrine in a maze!

Classic shrines!

A secret worshipping area!

Whatever this is!

Baby Yoda officiating a wedding!

More than 200 The Sims 4 players are congregating in a new subreddit — called Sims4BabyYodas, naturally — to share their creations. They’re largely fantastic and creative, using the limited functionality of the statue to bring Baby Yoda into their The Sims 4 worlds. One of the more fun things I’ve found on the subreddit is a mod that makes the statue into a toy to play with — options like Name, Play, and Show Toy To... are available. The creator, MunMun, said he intends to add “custom Baby Yoda specific speech” to the toy eventually.

The good news is that plenty of these shrines are available in The Sims 4’s gallery, which makes them easily downloadable — a blessing, especially if you’re as design-challenged as me. There’s even a very adorable nursery room to take care of your Baby Yoda. Do you want your cat to be Baby Yoda? There’s that, too.

I’m considering bulldozing all my homes and making a Baby Yoda world.

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