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Rocket League’s latest patch finally removes loot boxes

Blueprints will now give players a preview of what they’re paying for

A Rocket League player  jumps toward a ball Psyonix
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Rocket League’s loot boxes are finally gone. The game’s latest patch removes the Crates, which once gave random loot to players that paid to unlock them, and replaces them with Blueprints, which will now give specific loot.

Developer Psyonix first added Crates to Rocket League back in 2016, around the height of the loot box boom in games. Despite the decline in favor that this particular form of micro-transactions has endured over the last several years, the item has remained in Rocket League. However, in August, Psyonix announced that it would be removing Crates in favor of a system that gave players a better idea of the loot they were paying for.

Crates forced players to pay to unlock them in order to find out what item was inside, the new Blueprint system will give players that information up front. Players can be rewarded with Blueprints randomly at the end of matches. After they get them, players can reveal what each specific Blueprint will create, then decide if they want to spend the money to craft the item. If you reveal a Blueprint and don’t like what you find, you can also trade it away to another player.

All of the Crates that are currently in players’ inventories at the time of patch 1.7 will change into unrevealed Blueprints. Meanwhile, unused Keys, which were previously used to unlock Crates, will turn into Credits, the currency used to craft items from Blueprints. Players will also be able to trade Credits, so if you want a revealed Blueprint that another player has you can offer Credits as compensation, instead of trading a different Blueprint.

The new patch will also include the game’s new Item Shop, which will let players buy specific items, including esports cosmetics. The other major cosmetic addition to the game in patch 1.7 is the Rocket Pass 5, the game’s latest battle pass. The pass starts on Dec. 4, and players can unlock a variety of cosmetics from it as they level it up. Unlike previous passes, which gave keys for rewards at certain tiers, Rocket Pass 5 will now give Credits instead.

For a full look at all the changes in Rocket League patch 1.7 you can find the patch notes below.

Rocket League patch 1.7 notes

New Content

Item Shop

  • The Item Shop is now live
  • From the main menu, select ‘Item Shop,’ then the ‘Featured’ tab
  • You can find the Esports Shop next to the Featured tab
  • Items here can be purchased for the displayed number of Credits
  • Use the ‘Buy Credits’ button in the lower-left corner to purchase additional Credits

Rocket Pass 5

  • Rocket Pass 5 begins on December 4
  • Credits are now available as a reward at certain Premium Upgrade Tiers instead of Keys

Competitive Season 12 Rewards

  • Competitive Season 12 has ended. Titles and Reward Items will be awarded for your highest Rank achieved during the season, and successful completion of the appropriate Season Reward Levels.
  • Season 12 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable Universal Decals that can be used on any customizable Car Body
  • Bronze I or higher – ‘Season 12 – Bronze’ Universal Decal
  • Silver I or higher – ‘Season 12 – Silver’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Gold I or higher – ‘Season 12 – Gold’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Platinum I or higher – ‘Season 12 – Platinum’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Diamond I or higher – ‘Season 12 – Diamond’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Champion I or higher – ‘Season 12 – Champion’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Grand Champion Rewards
  • Competitive Soccar Grand Champion – ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ In-Game Title + ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Rumble Grand Champion – ‘Season 12 – RNG Champ’ In-Game Title + ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Dropshot Grand Champion – ‘Season 12 – Floor Destroyer’ In-Game Title + ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Hoops Grand Champion – ‘Season 12 – Dunk Master’ In-Game Title + ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals
  • Snow Day Grand Champion – ‘Season 12 – Blizzard Wizard’ In-Game Title + ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ Universal Decal + lower Universal Decals


  • Content from the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC Packs has been added to all accounts on all platforms

Changes and Updates


  • Blueprints have replaced Crates in Rocket League
  • Each Blueprint can build one item for a displayed number of Credits
  • All Crates in your inventory have been converted into unrevealed Blueprints
  • Revealing a Blueprint will show you which item that Blueprint can build, along with how many Credits that item will require to build
  • Blueprints may drop after select Online Matches
  • You can trade revealed Blueprints to other players

Credits and Bonus Gifts

  • All Keys have been converted into Credits
  • Each Key in your inventory is worth 100-130 Credits. Learn more about the conversion process here
  • Credits can be traded, but only one player in a transaction can offer Credits (no Credit-for-Credit trading)
  • Credits are subject to a trade hold for 72 hours after purchase. The trade hold on newly-purchased Credits will apply to all Credits in your inventory
  • During a trade hold, you cannot trade Credits, items built from Blueprints with Credits during the trade hold, or items from Pro Tiers of Rocket Pass purchased with Credits during the trade hold
  • All Decryptors have been converted into Bonus Gifts
  • Bonus Gifts are free to open
  • Bonus Gifts contain one item from either the Revival or Vindicator Blueprint Series

Item Archiving and Inventory Management

  • You can now archive items you no longer want to view with the rest of your inventory
  • ‘Archived Items’ tab has been added to the Manage Inventory screen
  • This tab will only appear in Manage Inventory if you have archived at least one item, and will disappear if you have nothing archived
  • To archive an item, go to Manage Inventory, highlight the item, click the left stick (controller) or click the box icon in the upper-right corner of the item thumbnail (mouse)
  • To remove an item from the archive, find it under ‘Archived Items,’ click the left stick (controller) or click the box icon in the upper-right corner of the item thumbnail (mouse). The item will then reappear under the appropriate tab (Wheels, Decal, etc.)
  • ‘Blueprint,’ and ‘Gift Pack’ tabs have been added to the Manage Inventory screen
  • All Blueprints will appear in the Blueprint tab, unless archived
  • All Bonus Gifts will appear in the Gift Pack tab, unless archived

Competitive Season 13

  • Competitive Season 13 begins
  • Season 13 brings a “soft reset” that requires you to do placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate your Rank
  • Winning half of your placement matches will land you near your previous season ranking
  • League Rankings will be temporarily empty until players complete their placement matches
  • All placement match wins count towards your Bronze Season Reward Level progress
  • With the start of Season 13, we have adjusted how Party MMR works for Competitive Playlists. A Party’s MMR will now be weighted closer to the MMR of the highest Ranked player in the group than in previous seasons.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed rotor and hub clipping from several Wheel types
  • Fixed Replays to use the correct Goal Explosion for Orange and Blue teams
  • Fixed the appearance of Painted Patriarch Wheels
  • Player nameplates no longer reappear after a goal is scored, or when fast-forwarding/rewinding
  • Fixed Animus GP Topper placement and Car Body behavior
  • French translation of Quick Play has been fixed
  • Irradiator wheels no longer transparent when looking from the inside out

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