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Letterkenny season 8 joins Hulu on Dec. 27

It’s Day Beer Day!

Cult-hit show Letterkenny is getting its eighth season, and it looks wild.

The trailer shows the entire Letterkenny gang partying it up for “Day Beer Day,” presumably an event where everyone drinks beer during the day, only to be interrupted by Wayne. We don’t see Wayne’s face, but everyone else certainly does — it stopped the party. Did he grow a heinous mustache? Maybe he’s beaten and bloodied?

In the trailer, we also see a woman with braids in her hair, but we can’t quite tell who it is from the view. Katy, Wayne’s younger sister, is notably missing from the Day Beer Day party, and it just might be her.

Shoresy, the aggressive hockey player who’s constantly busting the rest of the team’s chops, appears in the trailer too, and is seen absolutely losing it at the end, hitting an opposing hockey player hard enough to break his stick. Dang.

Letterkenny just got its seventh season in October, but we’re still thrilled to be getting another season so soon.

Season eight will air Dec. 27 on Hulu and Dec. 25 on Crave.

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