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Darksiders Genesis guide: Dethroned walkthrough

Find every item, and finish every quest around Blackstone Keep

Darksiders walkthrough Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon
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Dethroned is the first mission you’ll face in Darksiders Genesis. The mission is pretty straightforward, but there are some easy to miss collectibles and optional objectives. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find everything in Dethroned, including the shirking Fleamags and both ballistas.

Dethroned complete map and item locations

To get the Treasure Map in Dethroned, follow the main path along the sand dunes on your horse. When you first use an air current (a floating, blue ball) to reach a high platform, it’s right in front of you. Pick it up to reveal the entire map, and all of its secrets.

Your first time through Dethroned, you can get everything in the level except for what’s behind the Trickster Door (two chests, two Boatman’s Coins, and an Outlaw’s Healthstone). After the level, you can buy a Trickster key from Vulgrim and run back through Dethroned to get the Trickster door. You need two Trickster Keys total.

The only tricky item in the entire level is a single Boatman’s Coin in the Fortress Path. It’s sitting atop a tall pillar, near where the Trickster Key is. Take a running jump off the rocks, land, and push up to try and climb up the steep hill. This may take a few tries, but it is definitely possible without any upgrades.

Destroy the ballistas bombarding Blackstone Keep

There are two ballistas firing on Blackstone Keep, and you can destroy them both for a reward.

  • The first is in the northwest of the Outpost map area, where a single chest sits on a bluff.
  • The second is on a small island on the east of Fortress Path.

Check out our maps above for their exact location. Keep in mind that these ballistas have a lot of health, so just keep attacking them until they break.

Reward: 3 Boatman’s Coins

Defeat the Fleamags shirking their duty in Dethroned

In Dethroned, there are 10 Fleamags just hanging out and shirking their Fleamag fighting duties. They look like normal Fleamags, but they’re sitting down, usually looking at beautiful vistas on the side of a cliff. Check our images above to make sure you find and kill each one before you move on.

There is one Fleamag after the Fog Door that leads to the boss. If you have nine before you reach the boss, you’re safe to proceed.

Reward: Armored Flea Creature Cores

Hollow Fiend boss fight

Darksiders Genesis Hollow Fiend boss
Dethroned’s Hollow Fiend boss fight
Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon

The Hollow Fiend looks big and scary but isn’t too tough.

His attacks are almost all focused on close range, which makes this a tough battle for War. Use Strife to sit in the back of the arena, pelting the boss with shots from far away.

Just keep an eye out for his slam attack, which spans the entire arena.

While fighting as Strife, double jump, and then start firing your gun(s). Strife will hover for a few moments, allowing you to do damage while the Hollow Fiend’s attacks pass harmlessly below you.

The boss also spawns Fleamags to attack you. Switch to War and take them out before turning your attention back to the Hollow Fiend. If you’re playing in co-op (or you just like War best), this fight is still manageable up close. Look for the boss’ swipe attack, and use the dash to make yourself invincible. You can dish out some serious damage with War if you’re able to stay alive.

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