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Darksiders Genesis guide: The Slag Pit walkthrough

Find every item, finish every quest around The Slag Heap

Darksiders Genesis Slag Pit Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The Slag Pit is the second mission in Darksiders Genesis. The area is pretty straightforward, but there are some easy-to-miss optional objectives.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find everything The Slag Pit, including the bats and the four Soul Caches.

The Slag Pit complete map and item locations

The Treasure Map for The Slag Pit doesn’t show up until near the end of the level. When you reach The Slag Heap, jump right into the Lava Flows, and you’ll run right into it.

There are several items you won’t be able to get on your first run. You need to progress farther in the story to earn War’s Tremor Gauntlet to get the Wrathstone and two of the Trickster Keys. You won’t be able to get the Healthstone until you return even later in the game.

The Trickster Door at the start of the level only takes a single key to enter. Inside, you’ll find several chests, a Soul Cache (part of an optional side mission below), and four Boatman’s Coins.

“Borrow” Souls from each of the Soul Caches

The four Soul Caches to “borrow” from are relatively easy to spot. You’re looking for four fiery red balls with chains around them. It’s quickest and easiest to use Strife’s guns to break them open.

Here’s where you can find the Soul Caches:

  • In the Chamber of Iron, before the arena, jump across the right path and walk down a bit.
  • After the large arena in the Chamber of Iron, near the big gate, look right for another floating Soul Cache.
  • The next Soul Cache is in The Pillars to the left of The Slag Heap. Follow the path until you drop down to a lower level and run into a wall. Look to your right, and break the Soul Cache.
  • The final Soul Cache is in the Lava Flows, to the right of The Slag Heap. It’s in the bottom left of the area, but you won’t be able to break into it until you kill all the enemies. Clear out the demons in the Lava Flows, and destroy the final Soul Cache.

Reward: 700 Souls

Defeat all 5 bats in The Slag Pit

Darksiders Genesis Slag Pit bats
Here are the locations of each of the five bats
Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon

Defeating the five bats in this area is a tricky challenge. They’ll fly away (and disappear for the rest of the mission) when you get too close. When you come across one, attack it immediately. They’re weak, so Strife’s ranged attacks will take them out pretty quickly.

  • The first bat is right before you jump into The Slag Heap. Target and kill it before you get too close.
  • On The Slag Heap, you’ll find two bats on the top left (west) and right (east) corners, staring off into the lava.
  • In The Pillars, you’ll have a brief moment to kill a bat as it flies overhead. Watch for it while you’re fighting on the stairs.
  • The Lava Flows bat will fly away the moment you jump over to it — it’s sitting on the lip of the area. React quickly, and kill it before it flies off. You might have to shoot it while you’re still in midair after using the Ghost Hook.

If you miss any of the bats, the only way to get another chance at them is to restart the level.

Reward: Creature Cores

Slag Demon boss fight

Darksiders Genesis Slag Pit
The Slag Demon running after Strife
Airship Syndicate/THQ Nordic via Polygon

The Slag Demon is a big, lava-spewing steamroller demon guarding Vulgrim’s artifact.

He’s really only got three attacks, though: a sweep with his club, two smashes with his club, and a charge attack where he uses his club like a rolling pin or a steamroller.

As both Strife and War, keep your distance as much as possible to avoid his sweeps and smashes. When you see a flash of light over the demon, he’s about to charge. Wait until he’s close, and then dash to the side — perpendicular to his charge.

As Strife, keep strafing around the edges of the arena, firing all the time at the Slag Demon. Use any special ammo you have for charged shots, and make sure you keep an eye on your Hotstreak gauge to deal some extra damage.

War’s lack of range makes this fight a lot tougher and more dangerous. Keep behind the Slag Demon to avoid his attacks, and watch for his charges. When you’re out of the way, rush in behind him, and attack until he turns back around.

For both horsemen, you also need to look out for the Slag Fleas that constantly appear. Put some space between you and the Slag Demon, and kill the weaker enemies. Use Executions to pick up some extra Health and Wrath along the way. Just make sure you avoid their lava puddles while you’re running around.