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Destiny 2 players can buy more cosmetics without real money in Season of Dawn

The Eververse store is changing, again

Image: Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Bungie continues to experiment with Destiny 2’s store of cosmetic items, the Eververse. And the store is changing again in the upcoming Season of Dawn — this time in an effort to be a bit more friendly to players.

Destiny 2 offers two currencies for the in-game store: Silver, bought with real money, and Bright Dust, earned by playing the game. Over Bungie’s first year as an independent studio, it’s moved more items over to Silver-only status than ever before. Players can only use their Bright Dust to purchase items on a weekly shop rotation, while most Silver items are available all season long.

According to a new blog post from Bungie, only 50% of new Eververse items went on sale for Bright Dust during the Season of the Undying — Destiny 2’s fall season. If players wanted to purchase one of the many items not on sale for Bright Dust, they’d need to pony up $7-8 worth of Silver. Moreover, players didn’t have any idea which items the studio would eventually sell for Bright Dust, and which items were Silver-only.

Bungie agrees with players that the number of items available for Bright Dust was too low in Season of the Undying, and the store’s lack of communication led to frustrating situations. Starting in Season of Dawn, the Eververse store will feature around 80% of the season’s items for both Bright Dust and Silver. And the studio will clarify on their social channels which new items will never go on sale for Bright Dust.

The studio also stated it needs the Eververse store to fund Destiny 2’s development. “Offering some amount of Eververse content for Silver-only is part of ensuring we are able to fund our ability to keep creating and maintaining Destiny and supporting the team that makes Destiny,” said Bungie. Silver-only items are mostly new to Destiny in 2019, with players previously earning a random loot box filled with new goodies by just playing the game.

All of these Eververse changes hit Destiny 2 on Tuesday, Dec. 10, alongside Season of Dawn.

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