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Disney Tsum Tsum for Nintendo Switch looks cute as heck

The adorable mobile game is coming to console

disney tsum tsum Nintendo

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is heading to Nintendo Switch this year, Nintendo announced during its Nintendo Direct presentation. Much like the mobile game it draws from, it is So. So. So. Cute.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival expands upon the basic premise of Disney’s adorable puzzle game with local multiplayer options and full 3D, letting you navigate the saccharine world of Tsums with your own favorite Tsum. There are even minigames that the Dachshund-like version of Disney characters can participate in during this “festival.”

Otherwise, the coolest thing is that you can turn your console vertically to play Tsum Tsum much like you would on your phone. That means that you’ll be able to turn the console around to move the little Disney bobbleheads around to create chains and clear the board as fans are used to.

This is the first console edition of Disney Tsum Tsum. It is also the cutest version of Disney Tsum Tsum. Expect the game to launch this fall.

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