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Catherine: Full Body reminds us that love is a nightmare in September

The remake adds even more dating drama

Atlus dropped some semi-appropriate news today, Valentine’s Day — the fan favorite, romance-gone-wrong game Catherine: Full Body arrives in the West on Sept. 3 for PlayStation 4. The remade version of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game introduces several new endings, characters, modes and more, as the trailer above reminds us.

The story of Catherine stars eternal bachelor Vincent, who gets hung up on two — now three, as of Full Body! — women, all named Catherine. In his waking hours, Vincent contends with his complicated feelings for the Catherine coterie. At night, however, he walks among anthropomorphized sheep that rule a nightmare kingdom of never-ending puzzles. The game turns from a story-heavy psychosexual thriller into a puzzle game, and it somehow manages to weave those together well.

Catherine: Full Body pays special attention to the puzzle aspect by introducing online multiplayer to the game. Fans have remained dedicated to the fast-paced puzzle gameplay in local multiplayer matches throughout the year, and online lends additional ways to get invested.

Check out the trailer for more on how Catherine: Full Body changes from the original game. Atlus now accepts pre-orders for both the standard and premium editions of the game.

The next level of puzzles.

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