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Explaining all the major changes in Fortnite’s main mode

Fortnite games should be a lot more action packed thanks to the new patch

Fortnite Battle Royale - firing from steps Epic Games
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Fortnite patch v7.40 has arrived and with it come big changes to the default battle royale mode. The mode now follows the ruleset of competitive cup matches. To better understand what this means for Fortnite’s main mode let’s take a closer look at each of the changes.

Gain 50 effective health when you get an elimination

Anytime you eliminate another player you receive 50 health, shields, or some combination of the two. This is the biggest change that came with patch v7.40. Difficult fights felt punishing for players because they would spend valuable healing items to recover afterwards. With this change, players get health back with each kill, making every fight more rewarding.

This change also has a substantial impact on squad and duo play. To earn an elimination, a player must be taken out of the game completely, not just downed. There’s more incentive to execute downed players. Players must choose between saving a soon-to-be executed teammate or ditching them to stay safe.

50 of each material drop after every elimination

Like the health change, this change rewards players for engaging with enemies. Combat was a resource investment with the risk of low returns. Now it comes with guaranteed rewards.

Players can only carry 500 of each material now

“Build fighting” is common in Fortnite, but when two players with 3,000 materials go head to head it can become tedious. To cut down on extraneous building, the material cap is going down to 500 from 999. This shouldn’t affect too much, though you may find yourself transitioning from wood to brick during intense fights.

Harvest rate increased by 40 percent

The harvest rate has been increased to balance the lost carrying capacity for materials. This encourages players to be more aggressive. Before this change, the mid-game of each match forced players to farm materials for end-game fights. With the patch, players won’t have to spend much time farming and can get straight back into the action.

These changes came in patch v7.40, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay in the game. Epic is monitoring player feedback to see if the new rules are clicking.

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