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This life-size Furret plush is a horrifying reminder of how big Pokémon are

A 6-foot stuffed Pokémon is just what we need (?)

A woman holding the gigantic Furret plush The Pokémon Center

Furret is one of the more basic second-generation Pokémon — but it’s also, apparently, one of the biggest. By “big,” I really mean “long,” as the Japanese Pokémon Center’s life-size Furret plush puts a very fine point on.

The Pokédex tells us that Furret is 5 feet, 11 inches long, and weighs (a very concerning!) 77 pounds. The Furret soon to be on sale at the Pokémon Center doesn’t weigh that much (it’s a little more than 1 pound), but it’s definitely that long. If you want to own a Pokémon plush that straight-up dwarfs you in size, have at it for a cool 30,240 yen, or roughly $273.

A woman hugging the life-size Furret
Why is the Furret facing her? There are so many things I don’t like about this.
The Pokémon Center

For a sense of scale, I am 5-foot-8 (and three-quarters). You probably haven’t actually seen me in person, or standing up, so maybe this means little to you. But I’m a tall kid, and Furret makes me feel not like one.

Allegra looking somber as always with balloons
I’m a long lady, but not Furret-length long.
Ross Miller via Allegra Frank/Instagram

Better comparisons of how bizarrely sized Pokémon are: Charizard is 5-foot-7. Charizard! Blastoise is even tinier, at a cozy 5-foot-3. Meanwhile, the Pokémon in Furret’s height range include Dratini and Kingdra, which, what? And what of Sentret, the Pokémon that Furret evolves from? It’s 2 feet, 7 inches. Reach for the sky and you’ll fall among the stars, folks.

The big Furret looks like a lovely, adorable body pillow/tube/yardstick, though. Pre-orders open Feb. 23 on the Pokémon Center’s online shop.

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