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Anthem’s early launch is already experiencing connection problems

Launching the game results in an error message

A Javelin in Anthem flying toward the camera BioWare / Electronic Arts
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Anthem, Electronic Arts and BioWare’s new co-op-focused online role-playing game, has only been released for EA Access (Xbox One) and Origin Access (Windows) subscribers, but the game is already experiencing server issues.

Anthem, which doesn’t officially launch for most players until Feb. 22, relies on users to be online to access the game, let alone play any kind of missions. Early in the morning of Feb. 15, the day the game went live for early access, Anthem started to experience server issues that prevented players from launching any missions. These problems became more common until the servers seemed to go down completely on PC, greeting players with a splash screen saying that the “Anthem service is currently unavailable.”

Anthem Connection Problem screen
Anthem’s “Connection Problem” screen.
BioWare/Electronic Arts via Polygon

According to EA Help, EA’s customer service Twitter account, the company is aware of the connection issues and is encouraging players to keep trying. This isn’t the first time that Anthem has experienced connection issues. During the VIP Demo, which launched on Jan. 25, players ran into many of these same issues, including the Connection Problem screen when first logging into the game. Those early problems remained persistent throughout the game’s first day, but were mostly cleared up by day two.

Update: Anthem’s servers seem to be more stable now and players are able to get into the game as well as start missions.

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