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Fortnite’s Nerf and Super Soaker blasters are here, ready for pre-order

Motorized ‘AR-L’ has a 10-dart clip

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Hasbro revealed its full lineup of Fortnite Nerf blasters and Super Soakers today. The munitions go on sale Friday, March 22 and are available for preorder now from Hasbro and bigtime retailers.

Here’s the whole shootin’ match:

Elite Fortnite AR-L: $49.99. Has two flip-up sights and a 10-round clip (20 darts included) and promises “motorized dart blasting!” This was the rifle you saw when the line was announced back in October.

Elite Fortnite SP-L: $19.99. Comes with a three-round magazine (six darts included) and a detachable suppressor.

Microshots Micro Llama, Micro RL and Micro TS: $9.99 each. Mini-sized versions of the game’s mascot, rocket launcher, and pistol puke a dart like a Pez dispenser. Two darts included.

Super Soaker Fortnite HC-E: $9.99. 7.4 fl. oz. capacity, single-shot model based on the Fortnite weapon.

Super Soaker Fortnite RL: $19.99. Rocket launcher chassis with pump action, 9.3 fl. oz capacity.

Super Soaker Fortnite TS-R: $19.99. Pump-action tactical shotgun with a one-liter capacity (36 fl. oz.).

Hasbro Pulse has everything for preorder right now. A news release said Walmart, Target, and Amazon will start selling their stock at midnight.