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Apex Legends gets new Havoc energy rifle

With a mod, Havoc can switch from full auto to a single-shot beam

Apex Legends has its first new gun: Havoc. The rifle uses energy ammo and includes a few interactions with the game’s pre-existing mods.

Developer Respawn Entertainment first teased the weapon Tuesday in a video that gave us a brief glimpse of how it might work. Now that we can see the whole thing in action, it appears that the rifle has a brief spin-up time to reach its top rate of fire. It’s similar to the energy light machine gun, Devotion.

In a minutelong video, Respawn previewed the gun’s different forms. Havoc can fire in full auto by default and uses energy ammo. But with the Selectfire Receiver mod, you can switch Havoc to a single-shot variant that acts like a sniper rifle. This charge beam is hitscan — meaning the shot has no travel time in the game. The second mod is the Turbocharger, which also works with the Devotion. This mod will remove the rev-up time for Havoc, and let it fire at top speed by default.

Like all Apex weapons, Havoc comes with new skins to find in Apex Packs. The gun can appear on the ground or in boxes around Kings Canyon. It’s available now in the game on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

Apex Legends - splash screen introducing new weapon Havoc Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon

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