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Apex Legends Twitch Prime loot now requires Twitch Prime

Sorry hackers, your window has closed

Apex Legends - Wraith and Mirage look at the camera Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends partnered with Twitch Prime to give players Apex packs and an exclusive skin, but it turns out you don’t actually need Twitch Prime to get the rewards in-game on PC.

Players have discovered that by opening the game’s settings in Origin on PC, they can edit the advanced launch options. If the command, “+twitch_prime_linked 1” is added, Apex Legends will reward players with the five free Apex packs and the legendary Pathfinder skin the next time the game is opened.

This was first pointed out by Twitter user, Adam_THR and is likely an unintended interaction inside of Origin. Any player that hasn’t already linked their Origin account with a Twitch Prime account could do this, but there’s no way to know if EA will take action against accounts that do. Unlocking the rewards this way, rather than through Prime, would be taking the safety of your account into your own hands. You’ve been warned.

Update (Feb. 26): Respawn has updated Apex Legends to solve this exploit on PC. The studio revealed on Twitter that the new patch will remove the exclusive Omega Point Pathfinder skin from the accounts of all players who didn’t link their Twitch Prime account and earn it as originally intended.

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