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Unreleased Genesis game will come bundled with the premium Mega SG clone

Hardcore was spiked in 1994, rediscovered in 2001, and will be released in 2019

Hardcore was a game in development at DICE — better known today for the Battlefield series — in 1994 for Amiga, Genesis, and Sega CD, before being canceled by publisher Psygnosis, which was concerned about the viability of the 16-bit market with the PlayStation’s arrival. Publisher Strictly Limited announced plans to finally release the title this year on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but boutique retro hardware outfit Analogue announced today that Hardcore will come bundled with its upcoming Mega SG console, meaning the game will run on what is effectively “native” Sega Genesis hardware.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Analogue has done this. The Super NT — its excellent Super NES clone — came bundled with the previously unreleased Super Turrican Director’s Cut. Like the Super NT, the Mega SG is an FPGA-based clone, meaning the console simulates the hardware in an original Genesis, while offering upgrades like HD output and crystal-clear audio.

Here are some screenshots of Hardcore running on the Mega SG:

Before its cancellation in 1994, Hardcore had gone as far as the preview stage, appearing in magazine spreads. Since then, it had become a mysterious artifact, appearing in the occasional shaky YouTube video. Since a major part of Analogue’s offering is the preservation of classic games, enabling high-quality, accurate play using original cartridges, on modern televisions, the inclusion of otherwise-unreleased titles is an obvious draw for would-be buyers. The Mega SG begins shipping in April for $189.99.

Hardcore preview coverage, featured in The One Amiga’s May 1994 issue