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Overwatch reveals its newest hero, the support soldier Baptiste

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This origins animation tells us all about our newest hero

illustration of Baptiste in Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been about a year since Overwatch received its latest support character, Brigitte, and a few months since BlizzCon when we met Ashe, the game’s newest hero. Blizzard Entertainment has now revealed the next character coming to the game: Baptiste, a damage-oriented support with a heavy reliance on gadgets.

Jean-Baptiste Augustin is described as a “combat medic” who hails from Haiti. He was orphaned during the omnic crisis, and joined a military group called the Caribbean Coalition to make the most of his situation.

While he found satisfaction and pride in helping people, the omnic crisis eventually ended and Baptiste struggled to adapt to life. One group was interested in his skills: Talon, the mercenary group led by a council of Overwatch baddies, including Reaper and Doomfist. At first, Baptiste was content with Talon, but he soon realized he was in over his head and in increasing danger.

Baptiste has since left Talon. In a lore teaser posted Feb. 21, Talon agents write of their plans to hunt down Baptiste and either return him to Talon, or kill him for knowing too much. Based on this origins animation, we know how that ended.

Baptiste will likely be hitting the public test realm very soon, at which point his entire gameplay kit will be revealed. Hero cosmetics and interactions are often added to the PTR later in the hero’s development, before they launch on live servers.