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Chex Quest HD trailer has 100 percent of your daily ’90s nostalgia

The first-person cereal-themed shooter is making progress

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

In the annals of advergaming, General Mills’ Chex Quest stands apart as a fondly remembered (if not particularly high quality) mid-’90s shooter. In part because it was free with purchases of Chex cereal, and therefore played by millions, and in part because it was amusingly based on id Software’s Doom, Chex Quest has a devoted cult following.

This weekend, Chex Quest fans got a fresh look at the modern, Unreal Engine 4-based remake, Chex Quest HD. It’s Chex Quest as many players likely remember it from 1996: The Chex Warrior travels through various levels, zapping Flemoids with Zorch devices in an non-violent, alien-dispatching space rampage.

According to the developer behind Chex Quest HD, the whole endeavor is being created by volunteer game makers in their spare time. Like the original Chex Quest, the HD update will feature five levels, will be free, and is being created with the permission of General Mills. As for when Chex Quest HD will be out, that appears to be up in the air. We’ve reached out to the developer for more details.

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