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Apex Legends’ bugs are piling up

Respawn is fixing them as fast as it can, but it may take a while

Apex Legends - Mirage opens a supply bin Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends had the smoothest and most high profile launch of any battle royale game so far. But, with millions of people playing over the three weeks since the game’s stealth launch on Feb. 4, a few bugs have begun to emerge.

Respawn Entertainment sorted out Apex Legendsfirst few bugs almost immediately. The early patches fixed issues like downed players flying off of supply ships, or a bug that granted infinite ammo. Now players have now spent more time with the game and bugs seem to be popping up more often.

The Peacekeeper shotgun is hit by one of these bugs. Through a series of complicated actions, the slow-firing shotgun can shoot all six of its shots in quick succession — around a third of the time it normally takes. Another bug allows Pathfinder to climb taller walls than most characters. Firing his Grappling Hook and missing resets his ability to climb up walls. So far, Respawn hasn’t addressed either of these bugs.

While these three bugs are repeatable others are more rare, like one that allows downed players to fire weapons. While most of these bugs are fairly innocuous, this one could have a massive impact on games.

The most troublesome bug so far is the flying bug. This lets players fly infinitely and instantly drop to the ground when they so choose. Respawn has already started to release fixes for this one.

Most of the battle royale games that have come out in the last several years have started in early access and seen their player populations grow steadily over time, giving the developers time to fix major bugs and smaller issues with each game’s huge map.

But Respawn doesn’t get that luxury. Instead, it will have to fix Apex’s bugs in full view of the massive player base. The developer’s work on the flying bug, though, shows that it is on the right track to keeping up with the community. Respawn may not be able to fix every bug in the first few days after it’s found, but based on what we’ve seen so far, the progress has started.

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