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Kingdom Hearts 3 makes Sora the king of selfies

Forget Keyblade Master — Sora is the Selfie Master

Sora smiles in front of a Lucky Emblem Square Enix via Polygon

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a wildly silly game, steeped in dancing minigames, cooking, and forced laughter. No matter how I feel about its lack of gravitas, however, even I have to admit that one of its dumbest features is brilliant: the photo mode, which lets Sora take some beautifully ridiculous selfies.

The game encourages players to photograph things as much as possible. Moogles send Sora to take pictures for them in exchange for items. Most likely to fill up Sora’s camera gallery are the Mickey Mouse-inspired Lucky Emblems. Documenting these hidden Easter eggs unlocks the secret movie (which, really, you have to see).

But let’s all remember that Sora isn’t a photographer; he’s a teenage Keyblade Master-in-training. Thus, it’s better to keep Sora’s Gummiphone camera trained on himself, making him take very dumb selfies with the entire Kingdom Hearts cast.

Sora’s got a small array of poses at his disposal, which players can unlock during the post-game. To collect these different looks, they have to complete Battlegates, which host challenging bosses and extra enemies to fight.

[Ed. note: There are a few Kingdom Hearts 3 spoilers below.]

Among Sora’s go-tos are things like the traditional awkward smile:

Sora posing in front of a wall in Kingdom Hearts 3
If you look closely at the wall, you’ll see something neat for Hercules fans: the Muses.
Square Enix via Reddit
Sora posing with a fallen Organization XIII member.
Geez, Sora. Chill.
Square Enix via Reddit

And the dead-eyed stare:

Sora posing with Maximus the horse in KH3.
Gotta give it to Maximus for outshining Sora here.
Square Enix via Reddit
Sora fighting Xehanort
Maybe wait until later, dude?
Square Enix via Reddit

He also likes to combine some playful handiwork with his cheesin’:

Sora taking a selfie with Flynn in KH3
Oh my god, dude.
Square Enix via Reddit
Sora flicking Donald Duck.
This is what Donald gets for yelling at Sora for 30 hours straight.
Square Enix via Reddit

Tumblr and Twitter have run wild with the photo mode, transporting Sora into a variety of other movies, TV shows, games, and whatnot to add to his profile on Kingdom Hearts 3’s version of Instagram. We can only imagine the terrible hashtags Sora must be including with his bountiful selfies.

There’s even a whole subreddit dedicated to Sora’s selfies; such is their power. Sora’s selfie obsession is a simple indulgence, like much of the rest of Kingdom Hearts 3. But it’s also one of Kingdom Hearts 3’s most entertaining, funniest touches, and that’s a high honor for a game chockfull of them.

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