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Destiny 2 is getting more direct money cosmetic purchases in Season of the Drifter

Rest in peace, Prismatic Matrix

Destiny 2 Eververse armor Bungie

Bungie is removing one way to get Destiny 2’s cosmetic items, and adding more options to directly purchase what players want.

In their latest blog post, This Week at Bungie, the studio behind Destiny 2 revealed some changes to their cosmetic loot system. Players will have more control over how to get the items they want next season, but collecting all the Eververse items will be harder without spending real money.

The Prismatic Matrix — a system Bungie has been testing where players could spin a roulette wheel and earn cosmetics items — is being retired next week when Season of the Drifter launches.

As a replacement, Bungie will offer a unique bundle filled with cosmetic items each week. These are only purchasable with the real-money currency, Silver. Each bundle will feature a item that is exclusive to the bundle, while the rest of the cosmetics will be earnable by playing the game and earning Bright Engrams each week.

Bungie will continue to offer the Bright Dust Storefront to players each week, so folks can use the in-game currency they earn from destroying unwanted cosmetics to buy select items, instead of relying solely on loot boxes.

At the end of its post, Bungie previewed some of the items coming to Bright Engrams in Season of the Drifter on March 5.

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