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Apex Legends players ask for ankle biting ability, and it’s a great idea

Ankle biting is the update to Apex Legends that the community deserves

Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

I don’t have many tactical options left once my character is knocked down during a spirited round of Apex Legends.

I can crawl away from my enemies and hope to be revived by someone in my squad, or if I bleed out, I can tell my teammates to recover my banner so that I may be resurrected at a respawn beacon. But I have no way to fight back until one of those two things happens.

Vocal Apex Legends players would like to change this, and they have a simple yet effective suggestion: Let players bite the ankles of their enemies once they’ve been knocked down.

Seriously, though

This is a great suggestion with a lot of the community’s weight behind it.

The “Let us bite peoples [sic] ankle for like, 5 damage while we’re down if they get too close” thread on the Apex Legends subreddit currently has more than 39,000 upvotes, and has been awarded the silver award four times, the gold award six times, and the platinum award exactly once. That means that members of the community have spent real money to approve the idea of being able to bite people’s ankles in Apex Legends.

The text of the post is simple and to the point. “I’m sick of being useless JUST because I’m bad at the game,” Redditor DivineRedefined wrote. “Let me monch an ankle.”

Ankle monching would mean that even downed players continue to represent a threat, especially if they were only knocked down after a long gunfight that left everyone near death.

The original poster of this suggestion was right: Players who are bad at Apex Legends shouldn’t feel useless just because they lack the time to practice or just don’t want to, and letting them partake of the sweet nectar of ankle meat, the tastiest cut of flesh available on the field of battle, would give them one more reason to continue fighting until their very last breath.

And biting ankles would add an extra level of strategy to the game, as others are pointing out.

I’ve reached out to Respawn Entertainment to ask whether the studio has plans to patch this feature into the game, but have yet to hear back at the time of publication. The only things that could possibly be holding the developers back are time, work being done on other updates, balance issues I haven’t been able to think of in the 10 minutes it took me to write this post, and the fact that Fortnite hasn’t done it first.

Redditors have more detailed thoughts about how this feature should be implemented. “There better be a good sound effect as well,” another player wrote. “Like a crispy apple sound for every bite.”

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