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Devil May Cry 5 is adding a stylishly messy survival mode

‘Bloody Palace’ coming April 1 in a free update


Devil May Cry 5 will get a new mode in a free update on April 1, Capcom announced — noting, of course, that this is not an April Fool’s gag. It’s called “Bloody Palace,” and it’s a timed survival game.

In Bloody Palace, players will face waves of increasingly tough enemies and bosses against a timer. Players will have the option to play as Dante, Nero or V in the mode. Six screenshots (at bottom) accompanied the news and show off the action.

Devil May Cry 5 launched on March 8 and it’s a bona fide hit. Our review praised its indulgently stylish combat and called it a load of badass fun. The strongly positive reviews overall led Capcom USA chief executive Kiichiro Urata to flash a victory sign and declare “Capcom is back” last week.

If you’re new to the 18-year-old series, here’s a beginner’s a guide for getting started. And for veterans, here’s a guide on how to play as each of the three characters.

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