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Google Stadia will help you beat games if you ask Assistant for help

Google Assistant has your back

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Usually when you get stuck in a game, you need to pause and Google for help. Maybe you’ll find a FAQ, or a guide, or a YouTube walkthrough, where you’ll search and scrub for the bit that you need. The upcoming release of Google Stadia might turn the entire process on its head.

During today’s 2019 Game Developers Conference keynote presentation, Google showed off Stadia, a service that will let players stream modern video games straight to their browsers. But Stadia’s appeal goes beyond breaking down hardware barriers; the service will also allow you to connect to your games in entirely new ways. You’ll be able to share specific areas and situations in your games with nothing more than a simple link, for example.

Stadia will also have plenty of YouTube integration, allowing players to easily jump into the games that their content creators are showing off. But the platform’s most useful feature might just come in the form of Google Assistant: With the press of a button, you can tell the Assistant you’ve having trouble and it will automatically detect where in the game you are, and show you the most relevant YouTube video to help you get through the tough section. In the GDC presentation, a player asked how to clear a tomb in Tomb Raider, and the Assistant immediately loaded the appropriate video to help. No Googling or scrubbing required.

Google Stadia is scheduled to be released later this year.