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Apex Legends crashes may soon become more rare

PC players still won’t be able to reconnect but this should make that a little less necessary

Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment
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There are few things more frustrating than having a game crash in the middle of a multiplayer session, especially when you are playing with friends. Some developers alleviate this by offering a reconnect feature in their games, but with Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has chosen not to let players rejoin games they have disconnected from. This means that disconnects in the game have to be extremely rare.

This is a fact that Raspawn seems well aware of, and if its latest patch is any indication, the developer is committed to making Apex Legends as close to a crash-free experience as possible. In a patch that released for PC on Friday afternoon, the company explained that it introduced brand new tools to the PC version of the game with the season 1 update — which was released earlier this week.

Among other things, these tools include a crash reporter that gives Respawn a detailed breakdown of why Apex Legends crashed via the apex_crash.txt folder. This folder provides a useful way for users to find the problem that affected them then report it to Respawn to help ensure that the crash doesn’t happen again, or can be fixed in the future.

Friday’s patch represents the first results Respawn has gotten from the crash reporter and includes a variety of fixes for common crashes that people were experiencing based on the data Respawn has gathered. According to Respawn, this patch introduces fixes for almost every common crash with the exception of a few rare problems and “out-of-memory” issue which is still pretty rare for most players.

Because Respawn has decided to attempt to fix issues instead of allowing players to reconnect to games, which it says could be exploited, it’s good to see Respawn introduce a small patch like this dedicated to fixing crashes on the PC. As the company continues to refine Apex Legends’ stability hopefully it will also continue to find better ways to report crashes to help make it an even rarer occurrence.

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