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Front Mission spinoff Left Alive appears to have rough Japan launch

Already bargain binned, and players can’t stream it

Left Alive Square Enix

If you’ve been getting your hopes up for Left Alive, the spinoff of the Front Mission series, well, don’t. If its Japan launch is any indication, this is a troubled game that Square Enix appears to be burying.

Siliconera notes that players cannot stream Left Alive, after being able to do so on launch day (Feb. 28). Moreover, the game is already in the bargain bin, selling for almost half-off on Amazon Japan.

When the game launched last week, players were able to stream from the PlayStation 4 for everything except Left Alive’s cutscenes. Now everything has been disabled. As for user reviews, the same Amazon Japan where the game is 44 percent off features a user rating of 1.8 (of 5). It’s getting smacked by players for broad, fundamental things like design, controls and graphics.

Famitsu’s impressions earlier this month called it a very difficult game oriented toward advanced players and those familiar with the Front Mission series. Survival is the emphasis of the survival-action shooter, where enemies have a wide detection radius and “it is practically impossible to power your way through, even on the lowest difficulty.” Save points are few and far between, too.

Left Alive launches in North America on Tuesday, March 5 on PlayStation 4 and Steam. It’s a departure from the rest of the Front Mission series in that it has a greater focus on action rather than tactics. Players confront the Wanzers, the series’ mechs, as well as footsoldiers and armored vehicles using stealth, traps, and occasionally firepower.

The Front Mission series dates to 1995 but didn’t have a launch in the west until 2000’s Front Mission 3 on PlayStation. The most recent entry in the series was 2010’s Front Mission Evolved.

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