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Resident Evil + Perfect Strangers theme = TGIF Remastered

Why didn’t someone think of this before now?

The question isn’t why someone would take Resident Evil’s live-action intro and set it to (*does quick Shazam*) the title theme to Perfect Strangers. The question is why it took this long.

Tardiness notwithstanding, GreyGhost Mike (via Kotaku) cut the original open and “slapped this together” a week ago. Amazingly, rendering this as a 1980s sitcom makes it only half as cheesy by comparison.

Posted to the Resident Evil subreddit, one wit supplied this perfectly on-point dialogue:

Rebecca: How about Captain Wesker?

Chris: He’s sleeping with the ultimate failure.

Rebecca: So was I, until I dumped my boyfriend.


In case you need to refresh your memory of Resident Evil’s low-budget glory days from 23 years ago:

Previously, we’ve seen Luke Cage as Family Matters, and Watch Dogs 2 and The Avengers as Full House. If we can get some Dinosaurs up in here (maybe Horizon Zero Dawn?) we can at last unite the spirits of ABC’s TGIF and herald the coming of Gozer Gozerian (i.e. Steve Urkel).

For the record, the best of these mashups is still Airwolf and Star Wars, celebrating its 10th birthday this month.

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