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Star Citizen’s next update adds a new planet and playable female avatars

Flight control and atmospheric gravity round out broad update

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Star Citizen’s next update, alpha 3.5, will deliver the game’s newest world — ArcCorp, a sprawling, overbuilt planet that makes Coruscant look like a model of urban planning.

That won’t be the only feature the game delivers. Female avatars may be chosen for player characters for the first time, among several other choices in an overhauled character creation suite. There’s also a new flight control system and, of course, six vessels on sale from $65 to $95.

ArcCorp, in the game’s Stanton system is covered in man-made structures. Players may explore the main landing zone of Area18 and find jobs to take on there from the game’s NPC quest-giver Also in alpha 3.5, gravity will be incorporated into atmospheric flight, making that part of the experience more true-to-life (or true to what we’d imagine, I suppose).

As for player customization, Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts said in a statement that it would rely on a “revolutionary Gene Splicing system,” that allows players to blend features to create a realistic character.

“The advantage of this approach,” Roberts added, “is you always get realistic looking players, not immersion breaking ‘monsters’ that sometimes can be created using more traditional techniques.”

More on the update to Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe is here. There was no timeframe given for alpha 3.5’s release. Star Citizen is working toward a 2020 launch for the long-awaited single-player version of the game, Squadron 42. Development on Star Citizen began in 2012.

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