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Patch returns streaming to Left Alive following dubious absence

Rough launch week made it look like makers were burying the game

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Left Alive Square Enix
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Left Alive, the survival-action followup to the Front Mission series, today got a patch restoring the ability to live stream the game from PlayStation 4. Streaming went absent from the game a day after its Japan launch, which looked dubious considering Left Alive’s rough debut over there.

Square Enix announced the fix in a tweet this morning, saying only it apologized for the inconvenience. Over the weekend, Japanese players and fans watching its launch there saw streaming go dark, noting that Left Alive is already being offered at a steep discount and user reviews are rather harshly against it.

Left Alive launched in North America on Tuesday. It’s so new it doesn’t yet have any user reviews on Amazon in the U.S.; Amazon Japan customers had thrashed it with a 1.8 overall. On Steam, the PC version has a “very negative” rep among the 220 user reviews so far. Some have dinged it for poor optimization, which either uses a ton of resources for ordinary looking graphics or, worse, drag the frame rate down to unplayable levels.

Early impressions of the game have called it very difficult, dependent on users’ familiarity with the Front Mission series and stealth gameplay overall. Left Alive is more oriented to action rather than tactics, as its predecessors were.

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