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Battlefield 5 leaked Firestorm tutorial suggests battle royale launch is very soon

This, plus a Daily Order telling players to try the mode, suggest it’s coming soon

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A tutorial video found by data miners sheds a little more light on Firestorm, Battlefield 5’s long-awaited battle royale mode.

Firestorm, with a burnin’ ring of fire substituting for the storm found in Fortnite’s or PUBG’s tightening boundaries, is expected sometime this spring and could launch as soon as the end of the month; EA DICE hasn’t said yet. When it gets here, seasoned battle royale players will find lots about it familiar.

According to the tutorial video above (found on an Electronic Arts assets URL and first posted by YouTuber JROBtheFinesser) Firestorm is for solo, duo and squad players, and yep, the early goings involve parachuting in and stocking up on loot.

Urban areas will have more gear (and more adversaries trying to get it), but it sounds like safes can be found and captured anywhere. Safes will offer better loot when players cash in requisition points for “epic reinforcements,” like helicopters, tanks and amphibious jalopies. Common, rare and epic-class weapons will confer benefits increasing with their rank (ammo capacity, sway/recoil or optics).

Backpacks will increase carrying capacity. EA DICE hopes that the fact weapons carry dedicated ammo will encourage loot sharing among teammates and squadmates. Downed players may still use a sidearm and be revived, as in standard Battlefield 5 multiplayer, but after bleeding out, they can’t return.

Recently, Battlefield 5 players got a Daily Order tasking them with trying out Firestorm. That, combined with this video, likely means the mode’s launch is imminent.

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