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Detective Pikachu casting video is chock full of wonderful Pokémon

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These are all my children. ALL OF THEM.

The trailers, teasers, and extra footage from Detective Pikachu have already shown a wide gamut of the photorealistic Pokémon coming to theaters. The newest footage gives us EVEN MORE POKÉMON.

Framed as a casting video, this new sneak peek shows off some Pokémon we’ve seen before, but in studio walls and posing. Jigglypuff gently blows a curl out of its forehead! Charizard knocks over a lighting rig with its tail! Squirtle gets distracted by a wee little bubble it generated! Eevee is sporting a crew cut for some reason, but that’s okay!

In addition to the ‘mons we’ve seen before, a very quick sequence at the end shows off some new ones including but not limited to: Sneasel, Liepard, Torterra, and Rufflet.

Detective Pikachu is based off the 3DS game of the same name and follows a boy named Tim (Justice Smith) and a smart-talking Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) as they try to solve the mystery of Tim’s missing dad. It comes out on May 10 and tickets are available now.