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Catch a limited edition Pokémon trading card on Detective Pikachu’s opening weekend

Tickets are on sale now

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Detective Pikachu trading card
Fuzzy Pikachu is good, actually.
Warner Bros. Pictures/The Pokémon Company International

Detective Pikachu’s early screenings will include a special treat for dedicated Pokémon fans and collectors. According to Warner Bros., everyone who catches Detective Pikachu during its opening weekend will get a two-pack of Pokémon trading cards while supplies last.

Each booster pack will include one randomly selected card from the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s new expansion featuring the photorealistic versions of your favorite ‘mons. The other card is guaranteed to be a limited-edition Detective Pikachu variant, featuring the (fuzzy!) electric mouse taking a much-deserved coffee break. The card is exclusive to these in-theater booster packs, so hopeful collectors will either have to buy tickets for opening weekend or wait for eBay listings to pop up. (Booster packs for the Detective Pikachu expansion are available now.)

Detective Pikachu limited-edition trading card
You’ve earned it, Pika.
Warner Bros. Pictures/The Pokémon Company International

The new trading card brings an extra blast of nostalgia for millennial Pokémon fans by continuing a beloved tradition. Twenty years ago, The Pokémon Company released a set of trading cards around the release of Pokémon: The First Movie. There was even an exclusive silver foil card that could only be procured by renting Mewtwo Strikes Back at a Blockbuster Video. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Tickets for Detective Pikachu are on sale now via Fandango or from your local theater. Warner Bros. was careful to note that buying a ticket doesn’t guarantee the exclusive card, which depends on “theater attendance and supply.”

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