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Netflix’s new horror movie The Perfection looks sick and highly unsettling

So many bugs...

The first trailer for Netflix’s The Perfection might give you goosebumps. Or chills. Or whatever the word is for the feeling of small insects crawling all over your skin might be. (FYI, it’s “formication”).

Directed by Richard Shepard (Dom Hemingway), The Perfection stars Allison Williams (Get Out) as a music prodigy and Logan Browning (Dear White People) as a rising talent. The two reportedly go down a “sinister path with shocking consequences.” We don’t really know much else, except that it presumably involves bugs. Bugs in places where bug should probably not be.

Also a lot of knives? Williams’ character pulls out a cleaver on Browning’s character as she vomits, which is followed by repeated shots of knives chopping things. Knives and bugs and creepy string music makes for one totally unsettling trailer that raises interest without giving much — or really anything — away.

The Perfection premiered at last year’s Fantastic Fest and will join Netflix’s growing collection of horror flicks starting May 24.

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