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Forza goes free-to-play on PC and mobile with Forza Street

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Out now on Windows, coming later to Android and iOS

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Turn 10 Studios’ Forza racing game franchise is getting a new spinoff starting Monday: Forza Street, a free-to-play game “designed to be played anytime, anywhere” is now available on Windows PC. The game is also coming to Android and iOS devices later this year.

Forza Street — previously released on the Microsoft Store under the name Miami Street — uses simplified controls for racing. Gameplay focuses on properly timing the gas, brake, and boost as players compete in everything from pick-up-and-play one-minute races to a lengthier story campaign. While the racing is whittled down to simple inputs (there’s no steering required), Forza Street promises a long list of cars to collect and upgrade.

Forza Street is not the driving sim of Forza Motorsport or the open-world racer of its Forza Horizon spinoff, but something much simpler along the lines of mobile racers like Asphalt and Real Racing. It’s available now from the Microsoft Store. The mobile versions do not have an announced release date.