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Every movie and show coming to Hulu in May

Broad City, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Zombieland, oh my!

Comedy Central

With so many streaming services out there and so little time, it’s hard to keep track of what’s currently on your subscription plan and what’s heading out. This is triple-y true when it comes to Hulu and the service’s many premium channel add-ons.

Coming this month to Hulu is an assortment of old-school Mary Kate and Ashley movies, some classic ’90s fare, and the most recent seasons of Broad City and The Terror. Also arriving to the platform is the Hulu-exclusive Catch-22 series, from writer-director-actor George Clooney. For those with the HBO, Starz, and Showtime add-ons, keep an eye out for a Wu Tang clan docuseries and a Game of Thrones documentary.

Meanwhile, a handful of Jim Carrey-led flicks (the Ace Ventura movies, Yes Man) are disappearing from the platform. We mourn the loss.

Here’s everything you can look forward to this month and everything to watch one last time.

Available May 1

Anger Management
Bait Shop
Billboard Dad
The Big Kahuna
The Birdcage
Black Rain
Borat: Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation Kazakhstan
The Burrowers
Cecil B. Demented
Center Stage
Chuck & Buck
Dazed and Confused
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
El Pantra
The English Patient)
Fair Game
Fatal Attraction
The Green Mile
Ground Control
Happy Endings
Harsh Times
Hunt for the Skinwalker
Imagine Me and You

Julie & Julia


Before Blue Will Smith Genie there was Kazaam (not to be confused with Shazam! or with the collective societal hallucination Shazaam starring Sinbad). Starring Shaquille O’Neal as a magical genie who befriends a 13-year-old boy, everything about Kazaam, from the boomboxes to the graffiti font screams 1990s.

Buena Vista Pictures

The Krays
Kygo: Stole the Show
Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies
Larger than Life
The Landing The Last Animals
Le Divorce
The Lucky Ones
Major League
Man of the House

Mermaids (1990)

Cher. Winona Ryder. Christina Ricci. Icons. Cher plays the eccentric single mother of two daughters in this coming-of-age film about the difficult relationships between mothers, daughters, and sisters.

Orion Pictures

My Five Wives
New Guy
Nick of Time
The Night We Never Met
Passport to Paris
The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Shaolin Soccer
Show of Force
The Sicilian
Slow Burn


This one’s for the horse girls out there. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is one of the few 2D-animated theatrical offerings from DreamWorks animation and follows a stallion in the American West. Matt Damon voices the titular Spirit.


Star Kid
Steak this Movie
Switching Goals
The Time Machine
The Toybox
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her
Twelve Monkeys
Twice Upon a Yesterday
Under Siege
Welcome to Mercy

Available May 2

Dies Irae: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED) (Crunchyroll)

Available May 3

Into The Dark: All That We Destroy: Episode 8 Premiere (Hulu Original)

From Hulu: A geneticist who fears that her son may be becoming a serial killer, creates a group of clones in an attempt to cure him of his psychopathic tendencies by allowing him to relive the murder of his first victim.

Don’t Believe the Hype: Complete Season 1(Complex)
Everything’s For Sale: Complete Season 1 (Complex)
Jobs Unlisted: Complete Season 1 (Complex)
Price the Hype: Complete Season 1 (Complex)
The Yellow Handkerchief

Available May 4

Drunk History: Complete Season 6A (Comedy Central)
The Clovehitch Killer

Available May 6


Available May 7

My Hero Academia: Complete Season 3A (DUBBED) (Funimation)

Available May 8

Hillbilly (2019)

Available May 9

Action Point

Available May 10

Dinosaur 13

Available May 11

Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D: Season 6 Premiere (ABC)
Above Majestic
Driver X
Funny Cow
One Million American Dreams
Swimming With Men

Available May 12

Claws: Complete Season 2 (TNT)

Available May 13

Angels of Death: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED) (Funimation)

Available May 14

The Bachelorette: Season 15 Premiere (ABC)
The Romantics

Available May 15

Big Bad BBQ Brawl: Complete Season 2 (Cooking Channel)
Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction: Complete Season 4 (Food Network)
Burgers, Brews & ‘Que: Complete Seasons 1-3 (Food Network)
Cash Cab: Complete Season 13 (Discovery Channel)
Counting On: Complete Seasons 2-3 (TLC)
Diesel Brothers: Complete Seasons 3-4 (Discovery Channel)
Eat, Sleep, BBQ: Complete Season 1 (Food Network)
Four Weddings: Complete Seasons 7-8 (TLC)
I Found the Gown: Complete Seasons 2-3 (TLC)
La Promesa: Complete Season 1 (Caracol)
Love It or List It: Complete Season 12 (HGTV)
The Little Couple: Complete Seasons 11-12 (TLC)
A Breath Away
Beautiful Girls
Getting Grace
Little Voice

Available May 16

MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown: Special Part 1 (FOX)
Knocked Up (2007)

Available May 17

Catch-22: Complete Series Premiere (Hulu Original)

From Hulu: Based on Joseph Heller’s seminal novel of the same name, Catch-22 is the story of the incomparable, artful dodger, Yossarian, a US Air Force bombardier in World War II who is furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him. But his real problem is not the enemy, but rather his own army, which keeps increasing the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. Yet if Yossarian makes any attempt to avoid his military assignments, he’ll be in violation of Catch-22, a hilariously sinister bureaucratic rule which specifies that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers which are real and immediate is the process of a rational mind; a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but a request to be removed from duty is evidence of sanity and therefore makes him ineligible to be relieved from duty.

Punisher: War Zone
The Punisher

Available May 18

Thanks for Sharing
The Riot and the Dance: Earth

Available May 20

Federal Hill

Available May 21

Preacher: Complete Season 3 (AMC)
Bernie the Dolphin
Jesus’ Son

Available May 22


Available May 23

Baywatch: Complete Series (Fremantle)
MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown: Special Part 2 (FOX)
Lulu on the Bridge

Available May 26

Morning Glory

Available May 27

Broad City: Complete Season 5 (Comedy Central)
The Frozen Ground

Available May 28

Against the Clock

Available May 29

America’s Got Talent: Season 14 Premiere (NBC)
Songland: Series Premiere (NBC)
The Terror: Complete Season 1 (AMC)

Available May 30

American Ninja Warrior: Season 11 Premiere (NBC)
Angie Tribeca: Complete Season 4 (TBS)

Available with Showtime premium add-on:

Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men: Limited Docuseries Premiere (5/10)
Our Cartoon President: Season 2 Premiere (5/12)

Available with HBO premium add-on:

Chernobyl: Series Premiere (5/6)
My Dad Wrote a Porno: Comedy Special (5/11)
What’s My Name – Muhammad Ali: Documentary (5/14)
Game of Thrones: The Last Watch: Documentary Special (5/26)

Available with Starz premium add-on:

The Spanish Princess: Series Premiere (5/5)
Vida: Season 2 Premiere (5/23)

Leaving on May 31

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag
A Fistful of Dollars
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
American Beauty
Area 51
Astro Boy
Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction
Batman Begins
Black Sheep
Blue Velvet
Breakheart Pass
Bright Lights, Big City
Death at a Funeral
Destiny Turns on the Radio
Deuces Wild
Dirty Work
Double Jeopardy
Drunk Wedding
Edward Scissorhands
Fire in the Sky
For a Few Dollars More
Funny about Love
Glory Road
Hot Pursuit
Inventing the Abbotts
Jersey Girl
Little Miss Sunshine
Mystic Pizza
Office Space
Perfect Creature
Practical Magic
Red Corner
Regarding Henry
Shaolin Warrior
Shirley Valentine
Small Soldiers
Time Toys
Tristan & Isolde
Two Weeks Notice
Universal Soldier
What a Girl Wants
World’s Greatest Dad
Yes Man

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