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Fortnite’s Creative Mode gets $3M tournament

Every week will hold a new challenge

Epic Games

Fortnite has become much more than just a battle royale game, thanks in large part to Creative Mode, which allows players to make custom levels and minigames. It seems that developer Epic Games is finally acknowledging that reality by throwing big bucks toward the players who build and play in Creative Mode.

Fortnite World Cup — Creative is a competition that starts on April 29 where players must survive five trials crafted by community creators. Each event will present a different challenge to overcome. Finalists will be vying for a pool of $3 million. To enter, you’ll need to try the game mode out and submit a clip of yourself using a hashtag, which will be perused to find the best contestants. Events will be doled out on a week-to-week basis, ending on June 7.

While Epic Games did not share what players can expect from these trials, it does say that content creator Cizzorz will build and judge the first trial. Cizzorz is known for his devilish Deathrun levels, where players are tasked with surviving increasingly treacherous challenges. Deathruns have blown up on YouTube, where millions watch as players learn how to speedrun levels that some can’t survive for more than a few seconds.

More specifics on what Creative Mode’s World Cup will bring will be shared on official Fortnite social media channels in the weeks to come. You can read the official World Cup rules at Epic’s website.